Self-Care Tips with Shylynn

Self-Care Tips with Shylynn



I wanted to create a line that was minimal, affordable, and effective. Products you could add to your current routine or use to start a new routine. Either way routines are an important part of self care. It helps us feel accomplished and successful. As humans we gravitate toward structure so naturally this helps reduce stress levels, and anxiety. 

My ideal way to unwind is first making sure I'm surrounded by a clean space so my mind is free; although as an expecting mom, current mother of a toddler, business owner and wife that isn't always my reality. However getting the baby down for bed, a nice shower alongside my bedtime skin routine, and some fresh fruit with a glass of lime water always does the trick! Find what works for you and build off of it for the perfect self care day.

See the video below:

This is realistically what it looks like when I do my skin routine. I use SUDDS, THIRST + my favorite oil/moisturizer. I don’t always sleep with my bonnet on and my hair gets frizzy AF, I also don’t do my hair every single day & that’s okay with me. Do I care? No. Am I comfortable? Yes. Do I still feel beautiful? Yes.

✨ Embrace what makes you feel Beautiful ✨

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