Your products say alcohol free, but we see alcohol on two of the ingredients lists?

There are two types of alcohol used in skin and hair care “bad” alcohols (methanol, benzyl, isopropyl, and ethanol) which strip and dehydrate hair and “good” alcohols (fatty alcohols stearyl, cetyl, and cetearyl) which we use in our products. These alcohols come from natural oils and are used as emulsifiers, stabilizers for oil and water, and as a moisture barrier.

I have a nut allergy, do your products contain these oils?
Some of our products contain small amounts of nut oil derivatives (SHH Lip Oil) , although not enough to trigger a reaction. We recommend doing a patch test first. Please always confide in your doctor first regarding allergy or medical advice.

Is SHHY Beauty cruelty-free?
YES. Our product ingredients are uniquely handpicked and formulated using natural earth driven ingredients. We do not harm nor test on animals over here!


How often should I cleanse my face?
We advise cleansing twice a day AM/PM - or as needed according to your daily regimen. Our SUDDS Jelly Cleanser is versatile and can be used to wash away makeup, sweat, dirt, or just as a morning/bedtime refresher. 

When in my skincare routine should I use THIRST brightening serum?

We advise using THIRST twice a day AM/PM after cleansing with our SUDDS Jelly Cleanser, every day for optimal results. After applying, use your favorite face oil or moisturizer.

Order Issues

Where is my order/ I received the wrong product/ I am missing product/ My product is damaged!
Please contact our customer service at customerservice@shhybeauty.co and a representative will be in touch shortly.