Hey everyone,

My name is Shylynn Oubre, my close friends and family call me Shy. I’m the Owner and founder of SHHY Beauty. I created this brand to share a piece of me with the world and create a community to empower individual to be unapologetically themselves.

The idea dates back to my childhood and growing up as the first biracial child in my family. Before having access to YouTube tutorials, social media, and ethnic hair care aisles at the grocery/convenience stores alongside moving twice every year I struggled badly with accepting myself and finding my place and purpose in the world. For me SHHY Beauty is bigger than the products but the quality reflects all the same.

This brand signifies grounding with Earth and our inner being; the person we are deep down to our core and who we’re meant to be. Hence our logo the SHHY Skull. The skull represents us at our most natural state; our skeleton. In a world of superficiality this is important. Trends come and go and society has imprinted an image of what it deemed as “beautiful” for every season or year. Guess what? We don’t care. SHHY Beauty’s mission is to empower and educate others of the strength in embracing your inner beauty and power we hold as individuals.

I believe we create the world we want to live in and SHHY Beauty creates the products that touch our temple (body). Our individuality shows in our uniquely blended green formulas. I believe beauty is not dependent on what we look like or what society says we should look like or adhere to. Whether we wear makeup, no makeup, wigs, fillers, sweats with hair tied up, heels and short dresses, injections, extensions, sew-ins WHATEVER. Embrace the form of yourself that makes YOU feel most beautiful! Always remember it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Don’t worry about everyone else, they’ll adjust. Let’s SHHINE!

With love,